Quality is our trademark,
Trust is what we build,
Innovation is what sets us apart.


It is the prime example of our penchant for innovation – a casserole with a stainless steel inner that works with both your Microwave and your Dishwasher! We’ve made Casseroles synonymous with convenience and cutting edge.

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The Electric Series gives new definition to hot and fresh. Just plug it in and savour a piping hot meal right at your desk. No more waiting in line to use the office microwave!

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Our Thermosteel range walks that thin line of perfection between portability and functionality. This range is made from the highest quality steel capable of retaining temperatures for up to 24 hours!

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With a design that can only be called stunning, the Regalia is as beautiful on the outside as it is functional on the inside, with its ability to keep food steaming hot for long hours. And that glass lid on top, gets your mouth watering and your appetite going before it even pops open. It will tease your taste buds like never before!

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