Bluetooth Speaker Bottle and Tiffin Box


Woofer Tiffin

When it comes to food and entertainment, Woofer delivers the best of both. It's equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker lid that allows the user to play, pause the music, dial, pick-up and receive voice calls all this while eating. It comprises of 4 stainless steel containers and an SS 304 outer body which helps in keeping the food hot or cold for hours.

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Rhythm Bottle

Light and easy to carry around, Milton Rhythm bottle allows its users to groove to their favourite beats on the go with the help of its in-built Bluetooth speaker cap. Its body is made of lightweight stainless steel and comes in trendy shades.

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Boom Bottle

As a part of Milton's smart Bluetooth homeware devices range, Boom comes with a Bluetooth speaker cap which enables its users to pair their smartphone with the device to play music and receive voice calls. It's a 100% leakproof thermosteel bottle made with high quality 304 steel.

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Sharmaji Technical

One of India's most celebrated Tech Gurus, Sharmaji Technical reviews our ace innovation, the Milton Rhythm bottle.

Bottle Cap Challenge

As the world showed its excitement for the famous #BottleCapChallenge, Zerxes Wadia performed his version with the Milton Rhythm, a bottle with a Bluetooth speaker cap.

Milton Dance Anywhere Challenge

India's Instagram dance sensations Melvin Louis and Harleen Sethi together with the Milton Rhythm brought the #MiltonDanceAnywhere challenge to the world.