Non-Stick Products

Our Non-Stick products are available in both induction and non-induction variants, catering to a wide range of kitchen setups and preferences. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this cookware on various types of cooktops. Additionally, these cookware pieces come equipped with premium Bakelite handles, offering a comfortable and secure grip & stays cool for effortless cooking. The 5-layer non-stick coating ensures that your food doesn't stick, making cooking and cleaning very smooth. These non-stick items are also flame safe and they are certified as 100% food safe. Furthermore, the dishwasher-safe feature adds to the convenience of cleanup, making these cookware items not only efficient but also easy to maintain. In summary, the Milton ProCook Non-Stick collection offers a versatile and convenient cooking solution, suitable for various cooktops and designed for easy and safe meal preparation. Buy now!