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    Insulated Water Bottles

    A healthy lifestyle is not just determined by the food we consume or the water we drink. It is also determined by the type of kitchenware or tableware we use for storing our food and water. At Milton, we proudly offer high-quality insulated water bottles that can not just store your water but keep it fresh. 

    Milton’s insulated water bottles are unique and stand out from the rest because of their double-walled insulation. This exclusive technology helps in storing water and beverages both hot and cold for up to 24 hours. They are also leak-proof and come with a steel exterior along with a BPA-free lid.

    Our insulated water bottles are available in a wide range of sizes, starting from 350 ml to 1500 ml. They also come in remarkable designs, colours and styles and are perfect for storing water and other beverages. All our insulated drinkware collection is made with 100% food-safe material that helps in keeping your water safe and toxin-free.

    Whether you are searching for a functional insulated water bottle or something with attractive colours and designs, we’ve got everything for you. From carrying water on a small trip or regularly to your office or school, Milton’s Insulated Water Bottles will meet your needs. Our models feature attractive designs and colours and come in a wide variety of sizes. These will be a perfect addition to your collection of safe drinkware.

    Types of Insulated Water Bottles

    Milton hosts a wide variety of insulated bottles. Here, we have listed some of the premium quality insulated water bottles from Milton that will help you carry your drink easily, comfortably, and in style.

    1. Steel Bottles (Single-Walled):
      • These bottles have a single layer of stainless steel.
      • They are lightweight and suitable for everyday use.
      • However, their insulation properties are limited compared to double-walled bottles.
      • Ideal for short-term temperature retention.
    2. Thermosteel Bottles (Double-Walled):
      • These bottles have two layers of stainless steel with a vacuum in between.
      • The vacuum acts as an insulating barrier, preventing heat transfer.
      • Double-walled bottles can maintain temperatures (hot or cold) for extended periods (up to 24 hours or more).
      • Perfect for outdoor adventures, travel, and keeping beverages at the desired temperature.

    Benefits of Using an Insulated Water Bottle

    The insulated bottle price from Milton is cost-effective. If you are wondering whether you should purchase an insulated water bottle, go for it.

    To help you make your decision faster, we’ve enlisted some of the most commendable benefits of using an insulated water bottle from Milton:

    • Insulated water bottles from Milton are durable, portable and leak-proof.
    • They are available in attractive colours and various sizes.
    • Milton’s insulated water bottles are rugged with SS 304 and are BPA-free.
    • The water bottles from Milton are PU-insulated and help keep your water hot and cold for long hours.
    • The easy-grip design ensures a comfortable hold, making them convenient for daily use, whether you’re at the gym, office, or on an outdoor adventure.

    Buy Milton Insulated Bottle Online or from the Nearest Stores

    The majority of Milton's products inspire a great deal of melancholy. If you are looking forward to purchasing the best-insulated water bottle, then you should not search elsewhere besides Milton.

    All you need to do is navigate Milton’s website and search for the perfect insulated water bottle that suits your requirements. As we host an extensive selection of insulated water bottles, you can choose from different sizes, designs, and colours. Besides, our insulated water bottle price is extremely pocket-friendly.

    Purchase the best-insulated water bottles online from the one solution for your kitchenware needs - Milton.


    • How do you use an insulated bottle?

    The insulated water bottles from Milton are cold-resistant and heat-resistant. The best part about these bottles is that they’re broadly available in different shapes and sizes. So, you can purchase the type of water bottle that best suits your requirements.

    You can heat your beverages and other edible liquids and pour them inside our insulated bottles. After that, you need to secure the lid tightly. Our vacuum-insulated water bottles will help keep your drinks both hot and cold for hours.

    Thus, an insulated bottle from Milton is perfect for any season and across all environments. The double-walled technology of our insulated bottles will also eliminate condensation and won’t transfer heat or cold to your hands.

    • How long can I keep water in an insulated water bottle?

    The double vacuum-insulated water bottles from Milton can easily keep your beverages hot and cold for long hours. Since they are formulated of SS 304 stainless steel, keeping water and drinks for a long time is extremely safe. Our insulated water bottles come in different capacities ranging from 350 ml to 1500 ml.

    Since the insulated water bottles of Milton are made from food-safe stainless steel, they will keep your water fresh and safe to drink.