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    Melamine Crockery

    Milton’s Melamine dinnerware offers a wide range of benefits, ranging from budget-saving operational durability to fancy designs. And when it comes to serving ware, nothing can match melamine’s durability. This is why it has earned remarkable popularity in kitchens.

    Everything You Need to Know About Melamine

    Surprisingly enough, melamine tableware has been around since the 1830s. It has existed in the form of cups, plates, serving accessories, and several other types of utensils. Melamine is durable and indestructible and doesn’t necessarily chip, break, or even shatter. On the other hand, melamine products are way cheaper than traditional ceramic and Chinaware.

    Milton offers a range of melamine items that are worth exploring. Melamine is a durable, heat-resistant, and non-toxic material that is widely used in the production of various household items. Milton recognizes the benefits of melamine and incorporates it into their product offerings for customers seeking reliable and long-lasting household supplies. In the section below, we’ll discuss Melamine.

    Benefits of Melamine Products

    • Look-Alike of Ceramic and Porcelain

    When you pick out a round-squared melamine plate from Milton, you can feel the difference. It is composed of high-grade melamine, making it immensely more robust and substantial than ceramic and porcelain plates. Besides, each of the pieces is hand-polished for a high-gloss and smooth finish, thereby providing it with a porcelain-like look.

    • Remarkably Durable

    Melamine resin is used to make the utensils more durable and shatter-resistant. Thus, melamine dining ware products are more desirable than plastic housewares. You can also get an Achaar set for your table from Milton.

    • Perfect for All Setting

    Unlike ceramic and porcelain dinnerware, melamine products are versatile for almost every kind of setting. So, you can efficiently use this serveware for outdoor parties and events, poolside dining, patio entertainment, etc. And you can do all of this without worrying about chipping and breaking.

    • BPA Free and Food-Safe Plastic

    The FDA Safety and Risk Assessment of Melamine states that melamine is absolutely safe for usage. Milton’s melamine range particularly sets remarkably high standards of safety and is also certified BPA-free.

    • Stylish Patterns and Unique Colours

    The best thing about melamine crockery is that it comes in a wide range of shapes, colours, and patterns. While you browse through Milton’s melamine collection, you can choose from hand-drawn floral serveware to leaf-shaped melamine platters.

    • Easy Cleaning

    The melamine tableware makes cleanup remarkably faster and easier. It’s mainly because the quality of melamine is nonporous, stain-resistant, and easy to rinse. Along with easy cleaning, the Melamine products look very attractive. Also, Milton offers different designs when it comes to choosing Melamine plates such as Boat plate, Barbeque platter, Boat platter, Curvy Platter and many more options.

    Buy Melamine Tableware 

    Milton is the perfect place for you to buy melamine tableware. With both online and offline options available, you can find the perfect pieces for your home. Whether you're looking for elegant dinnerware sets or more casual everyday melamine dishes, Milton has something for everyone.

    In addition, their retail stores offer an even greater selection in-store so you can pick up your purchase right away. No matter what kind of melamine tableware you need, Milton is the perfect place to buy quality products at great prices.

    So, what are you waiting for? Buy melamine plates online such as Gourmet platter, Kebab platter and pani puri platter etc. from Milton’s products on Amazon.


    • What is Melamine made of?

    Melamine is composed of a chemical compound that is nitrogen-rich and organic-based. Its remarkable heat resistance and durability make it highly effective for producing strong plastic dinnerware. You can add melamine tableware from Milton to your inexplicable collection in several colours, designs, and shapes.

    Milton's melamine crockery is made from a durable, lightweight, and heat-resistant material. It is designed in such a way that you can seamlessly deliver meals without straining. You can get melamine tableware in different forms, including saucers, bowls, display trays, spoons, and lots more. Purchasing melamine dinnerware from Milton will always satisfy you as they are aesthetically versatile and elevate every setting.

    • Can you put hot food on melamine dishes?

    Yes, you can put hot cooked food on Melamine dishes as it's tolerant to hot temperatures. This material can keep your food hot for a significantly longer time compared to other types of plastic. It’s because melamine is an insulator and not a conductor.

    Even when you serve hot food, the melamine tableware will not get heated. This happens because the hot-served food is incapable of producing sufficient heat to alter the material’s temperature. So, you can use Milton’s melamine plates safely in your restaurant as diners and servers. Thus, you can efficiently prevent burn hazards that are associated with hot serving ware.

    • How do you clean melamine dishes and plates?

    It might not always be possible to wash your dishes right after usage. However, you need to clear all the leftovers from the plates and rinse them. This is probably the easiest way to protect your melamine dinnerware from acquiring hard stains. But if you keep the dishes inside the sink without rinsing them, the residue sauce and food will dry up. And consequently, you will need to scrub the melamine dishes vigorously, which will essentially damage the pattern and quality.

    Milton’s Melamine products are 100% dishwasher safe. All the variations of Milton’s melamine serving ware is capable of handling temperatures beyond the recommended dishwasher temperature. Above all, melamine can retain high heat, enabling it to dry faster than standard dishware.

    • Are Milton Melamine Products Breakable?

    No, the melamine dinnerware sets from Milton are quite difficult to break. Unlike porcelain or Chinaware, melamine products will not shatter if dropped accidentally from a hand. Besides, it is also less likely to chip than any other traditional dinnerware material. That’s why it is recommended to purchase melamine products from Milton, which are reinforced with rims for additional durability.

    We can rightfully state that Milton’s melamine products are break-resistant as they are composed of durable materials. But if not cared for properly, they might possibly chip or break.

    • Why is Melamine so popular?

    In the present day, melamine dishes are considerably rising in popularity for several reasons. The designer melamine products are not just fire and heat-resistant but also virtually unbreakable and quite easy to clean. However, it still serves as a remarkably elegant alternative to fine ceramic and porcelain.

    Melamine is an organic-based, nitrogen-rich compound used for manufacturing cooking utensils, serving ware, and many more. The melamine resin used for manufacturing these products is immensely durable and shatter-resistant.