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    At Milton, our Smart Tiffin is the product that keeps your meals hot and delicious throughout the day, thanks to its intelligent, insulated design and leak-proof feature.

    This Tiffin has been designed keeping in mind our consumers' needs. The Milton Smart Tiffin caters to professionals who desire convenient meal solutions without compromising on taste or quality. The Milton Smart Tiffin is made using stainless steel 304. This high-quality material ensures durability and strength.

    The Milton Smart Tiffin is controlled by the Milton Smartphone Application, allowing you to control the temperature and timings of your hot meal. 

    This seamless blend of technology into your daily routine is here to make your food experience even better.

    The Smart Tiffin is an ideal way to ensure that your food stays warm and delicious even in a busy schedule. With this Smart Tiffin, no more cold lunches or soggy sandwiches - get ready for a hot, tasty meal every day with the help of the Milton Smart Tiffin.

    Features of Milton Smart Tiffin offered by Milton

    The Milton Smart Tiffin comes with a host of features that help you get the most out of your lunch experience.

    1. Smart Integration and Control: Seamlessly work with virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and the user-friendly Milton Smartphone App, providing convenient control options for an innovative lunchtime experience.

    2. Efficient 30-Minute Heating: Quickly heats your food to perfection in just 30 minutes, offering a swift and convenient meal solution.

    3. GeoTag Feature -  It has a GeoTag feature that automatically heats food when the user is within a 5km radius or 30 minutes before their arrival.

    4. Spill-Proof Design: Prevents spills and mess during commutes, ensuring your meals stay intact and hassle-free.

    5. Built-In Smart Timer: Includes a built-in smart timer, allowing you to plan your meals and ensure they are ready when you need them.

    6. Energy-Efficient: Designed to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and making it an economical choice for your lunchtime needs.

    7. Long-Lasting Heat Retention: Well-insulated construction retains heat for extended periods, keeping your food warm and tasty even after hours of travel.

    So why not make every lunchtime a pleasant one - get your hands on a Milton Smart Tiffin today?

    Buy Milton Smart Tiffin Online or Offline

    Milton Smart Tiffin is an innovative product that makes it easy to carry your meals with you while on the go. With its sleek design and convenient features, Milton Smart Tiffin is the perfect companion for busy people who want to enjoy healthy meals wherever they are. You can purchase Milton Smart Tiffin online or offline for your convenience. When making an online or offline purchase, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of appealing colour options that match your preferences. The Smart Tiffin range comes in amazing colour options like black, brown, beige and maroon. Go ahead and make your pick!


    1. How to pair Milton Smart Tiffin?

    Below is the step-by-step guide on "How to Pair Your Milton Smart Tiffin"

    1. Plug the device into a power supply.

    2. Download the Milton App from your app store.

    3. Scan the QR code inside the Smart Tiffin through the app and register your details.

    4. Configure the network settings on the app.

    5. Confirm the Wi-Fi network with your details.

    6. Press the power button of the Smart Tiffin for 5 seconds.

    7. The Wi-Fi indicator will flicker, indicating that the device is ready to be paired.

    8. Connect your phone to the device warmer from your phone's Wi-Fi settings.

    1. How to use Milton smart lunch box?

    Operating the Milton Smart Tiffin is effortless: simply plug it in, connect to a WiFi network, and activate Bluetooth. Once set up, you can relish a piping hot, delicious meal at your convenience.

    Manage settings conveniently through the user-friendly smartphone app, allowing you to adjust temperature remotely. Additionally, stay informed about the box's internal temperature via the same app.

    1. What are the benefits of using Smart Tiffin?

    The Milton Smart Tiffin is the perfect lunch box for busy professionals or anyone looking for convenient meal solutions without having to sacrifice taste or quality. Its smart features and user-friendly design ensure you can always enjoy a hot and make your mealtime pleasant. Additionally, the Smart Tiffin range offers a range of colours like black, brown, beige, and maroon allowing you to match your style and preferences.