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    Simplify your access to clean water with Milton's range of solutions, ensuring convenience and reliability—choose from jugs and purifiers crafted to enhance your hydration experience. Our products blend craftsmanship with technology, ensuring simplicity in use and maintenance. Whether it's the temperature control of insulated jugs or the freshness of the PU-insulated range, each item enhances your hydration experience.

    Prioritizing water safety or storing capacity, our BPA-free purifiers, made from food-grade materials, offer a chemical-free water storage solution. Say goodbye to bottled water expenses with Milton's purifiers, providing clean drinking water on demand. Explore stylish designs at the official Milton site, seamlessly integrating practicality with aesthetics. Upgrade your hydration game effortlessly with Milton's innovative and elegant water storage solutions.

    Types of Jugs and Purifiers available in Milton:

    We at Milton offer a variety of jugs and purifiers to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a water purifier or a water jug, you can find what you need in Milton.

    You can visit the nearest retail store to find the perfect water jug or filter for your needs. We also sell water jug online so you can easily find the perfect one for your home, office or outdoor activity. Milton offers different types of plastic jugs, Insulated Water jugs etc. So, let’s explore our types of water jugs and purifiers in detail:

    Insulated Water Jugs
    Our PU-insulated water jugs are a classic representation of elegance and convenience. Made with stainless steel, these water jugs are designed to retain the temperature of your beverages as per your desire. From cold beverages to warm water, store anything at the temperature you want, as our insulated jugs will keep it hot or cold. 

    Plastic Water Jugs
    Not just any plastic, but we at Milton use BPA-free, chemical-free and highly safe plastic to design and manufacture our plastic water jugs for all. Our ergonomic design makes these jugs easy to hold and carry around the place. Moreover, our expert workmanship in the design makes sure the plastic jugs complement your dinner set arrangement perfectly the way you want. From aesthetics to safety, we at Milton take care of it all. 

    Water Purifiers
    All our water purifiers are PU-insulated and BPA-free, just like our line of water jugs. Engineered and designed with safety, aesthetic, and comfort in mind, these water purifiers are perfect addition to any household. Our Milton water purifiers eliminate all chemicals and impurities from the water, giving you the finest and purest form of water to drink and use.

    Buy Jugs and Water Purifier from Milton

    For reliable and hygienic drinking water solutions, you can now purchase water purifiers or jugs online as well as offline from Milton's website or from the nearest retail store. We have an extensive range of jugs, including Thermosteel and insulated options, and purifiers in both plastic and steel for water storage. Whether you're in need of a water purifier or a jug to share with friends, family, or co-workers, we provide a diverse selection of quality products at competitive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our collection now!


    Q1. Why Does One Need Milton Jugs and Water Purifiers for Home?

    Milton jugs and water purifiers are a must-have for any home, especially if you want to maintain a habit of drinking clean water. Milton jugs can store water for longer hours keeping it fresh, which is great for when you don't have access to fresh water or need extra storage capacity.

    Q2. Is the stainless steel water purifier from Milton good?

    The stainless steel water purifier from Milton is the perfect investment to keep your water clean all the time. The gravity-based filter relies on a steel-pure cartridge to get rid of impurities from drinking water. Our multi-stage purification system can tackle both physical and biological contaminants in drinking water. 

    Q3. What materials are Milton Jugs made of?

    Milton jugs are made from different materials based on their type. Let’s break it down:

    1. Thermosteel Jugs: The Thermosteel Stellar Jug from Milton features a PU insulated body that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. It also comes with a convenient spring-mounted tap for easy pouring1. The outer material of this jug is not explicitly mentioned, but it is designed for effective insulation.
    2. Plastic Water Jugs: Some Milton water jugs are made from food-grade BPA-free plastic. For example, the Milton Kool Stallion Insulated Plastic Water Jug is crafted from plastic and has a capacity of 21.7 liters. Its inner material ensures that contents remain odor-free throughout the day. Additionally, other plastic water jugs from Milton are also made from plastic material
    3. Glass Inner Material: While the outer material of Milton jugs can vary, some jugs have an inner material made of glass. This ensures that the contents remain safe and free from any plastic-related odors
    4. Milton jugs are crafted from a combination of materials such as plastic, glass (for the inner lining), and insulating components like PU. The choice of material depends on the specific type and purpose of the jug. If you’re looking for a particular type of Milton jug, feel free to explore their collections on their website:

    Q4. What to consider while buying Jugs online?

    When purchasing jugs online, here are some key factors to consider:

    1. Material: Choose stainless steel (thermosteel), glass, or food-grade plastic.
    2. Capacity: Select the right size for personal use or gatherings.
    3. Insulation: Check the claimed hot/cold retention duration.
    4. Lid and Spout: Ensure leak-proof lids and user-friendly spouts.
    5. Handle: Sturdy handles for easy carrying.
    6. Cleaning: Opt for easy-to-clean designs.
    7. Brand: Trust reputable brands.
    8. Price: Compare and stay within budget

    In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, Milton offers a wide range of thermosteel, insulated, and plastic jugs online, available for purchase on their website Milton.in. Explore the collection to find the perfect jug that suits your needs!