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    Every kid enjoys bringing new things to school and displaying them to their peers. So, why not give them something new and stylish that will be worth the money for both you and your kid? This is where Milton’s kids’ range of products comes into play. 

    As the seasons change, it's important to keep your child hydrated throughout the day, regardless of the weather. When it comes to ensuring your child has access to cold water at school, a Milton thermosteel or insulated bottle for kids is a smart choice. These bottles are designed to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside, keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for extended periods.

    Given the increased safety and hygiene concerns after the pandemic, it is best to send food for your kid in a chemical-free, BPA-free, and food-grade material tiffin box container. 

    Take no worries, as Milton tiffin boxes and water bottles meet such criteria and ensure the optimal hygiene and safety of kids. With Milton Kids Range products, you can choose from a range of cartoon or animation-themed exterior covering products. 

    Whether your kid loves Batman, Barbie, Ice Age, or Chota Bheem, there’s something for each and every preference. So, check our kids’ range of products thoroughly and shop for what’s best for your kid! 

    Types of Products Offered in Kids’ Range

    Explore the Kids range from Milton, where you can find numerous school products for kids under these two categories:

    → Bottles: 

    At Milton, you get three types of water bottles for kids: non-insulated bottles, insulated bottles, and thermosteel bottles. Each bottle comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors for uniqueness. 

    The fact that every bottle is stylish in its own way makes Milton bottles a great gifting solution. These Milton bottles for kids are all BPA-free and leakproof, so you won’t have to worry about their safety and efficiency. So, shop one for your kid today! 


    Whether you need non-insulated or insulated tiffins, we have both these for kids. Our lunch boxes for kids come in a variety of colors and designs, each catered toward the preferences of today’s kids. 

    For instance, if your kid watches Chota Bheem, he/she will most likely love to have a tiffin box with a Chota Bheem-themed background. The reasonably priced lunch kit combos for kids (including both bottle and tiffin box) at Milton are the best gifting solution and one-stop solution for your own kids’ schooling needs. 

    With Milton lunch boxes for kids, you can ensure the food in the box stays hot for a long time. Thus, your kid will enjoy tasty, hot, and fresh lunches or snacks every day during their school recess. 

    Buy Kids Range Products / Lunch Kits From Milton

    You must look through and buy products from Milton's kids' line if you want your child to carry their lunch in a secure, chemical-free, and attractive tiffin box that won’t leak food and if you want a water bottle that holds its temperature and has a cartoon character theme background on the exterior.

    No matter which lunch kit you pick from Milton, be assured that it will be safe, BPA-free, food-grade, reusable, recyclable, and easy to clean. After all, Milton uses the industry’s best raw materials and technologies to design and manufacture such top-quality products for kids. 

    So, explore Milton kids’ range and buy the best lunch kit for your kid. 


    1. What are the different products available for Kids at Milton?

    At Milton, you can explore a wide range of unique products for kids. The two different types of products available for kids in our store are: 


    Milton introduces a range of decorative-style lunch kits for kids. You can buy both insulated and non-insulated tiffin containers at Milton. 

    The lunch boxes are available in different sizes and colors, making it easier to shop as per convenience. All the Milton tiffin boxes are BPA-free, PP recyclable, and food-grade. 


    At Milton, you get three unique types of bottles for kids. Explore between insulated, non-insulated, and thermosteel bottles for kids in our kids’ exclusive collection. 

    Whether you need a bottle for your kid that can hold the water temperature in the summer/ winter or a decorative and stylish bottle for gifting purposes, you can get the best bottles at Milton.

    2. Which themes are available in the lunch kit range that kids will like?

    There are many themes available in the lunch kit range that kids will fall in love with. These include: 

    • Batman: Who doesn’t love Batman or own a batmobile, right? He is, after all, a silent protector, a watchful savior, a dark knight. Your kid may not know who a real knight is, but they can definitely tell you that Batman is one such knight. Imagine gifting a batman themed lunch box and bottles to your or someone else’s kid and the happiness it will bring to their faces! It will surely be priceless. 
    • Chota Bheem: At Milton, you will find both tiffin boxes and water bottles with the theme of the famous Indian cartoon show – Chota Bheem. To date, kids are huge fans of Chota Bheem as they love to watch his heroic stories and conquests over evils. Buying a lunch kit for kids with ChotaBheem themed background from Milton will bring a smile to your little one’s face. 
    • Barbie: The Barbie theme lunch box kit is perfect for young fashionistas. It comes with a cute, pink lunch box featuring Barbie and her friends, as well as two snack containers and a matching insulated bottle with an adjustable strap. If your daughter is a fan of the ever-popular Barbie dolls, this Milton lunch kit is sure to please her.

    You can also find a tiffin container designed with the theme of the Ice Age. Labeled as ‘Ice Fun’ on the sticker, this tiffin container is the right choice if your kid is an Ice Age franchise fan. For girls, the best theme available is the Barbie tiffin box. 

    3. What is the price range of Kids Range products available here?

    The Kids’ range of products available in our store is all affordable and reasonable. Whether you need a tiffin container, water bottle, or both, you can buy the best quality product at discounted prices here. 

    The price of a kids’ range product at Milton varies depending on the materials and design used in making that product. You can expect the price of Kids’ products at Milton to range from INR 500 and above 

    Such affordable prices make it easy for every parent to fulfill their kid’ schooling needs by providing the best-in-class products. 

    4. Where can we buy Milton kids products for school at the best price?

    You can buy Milton Kids products for school at the best price on:

    • Our official Milton website
    • Amazon’s online shopping platform
    • At offline stores

    You can either search on Amazon or visit our official site to explore the links to our product pages on Amazon. You can get discounts, offers, and even cash back when ordering Milton kids products from platforms like Amazon. 

    From colorful, stylish, and cartoon-themed backgrounds to sturdier material, leak-proofing, and optimal safety, you get everything in a Milton Kids product at the most reasonable, discounted price. Thus, at Milton price meets quality. 

    5. Why are Milton School Products the best & safest for Kids?

    Various factors contribute to the seamless functioning and safety of Milton school products for Kids. These factors include:

    • Leakproof: Most of Milton school products for kids in our collection are 100% leak proof. It means your kid can take their favorite snacks or meals without the fear of spilling them on their school bag. 
    • BP-Free & Food Grade: The fact that all Milton school products for kids are Food Grade and BPA Free means these products are highly safe for your kids. The BPA Free mark indicates the products are free from any chemicals and ideal for serving both hot or wet food. 
    • Plastic & SS 304 Material: Our kids’ range products are either made of stainless steel from inside and out or plastic that is recyclable and reusable. The SS 304 construction ensures easy cleaning of the tiffins and bottles.