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    At Milton, we take great pride in presenting an extensive array of user friendly and stylish travel bottles. We understand that carrying water and beverages during your travels can be challenging. However, our thoughtfully designed travel bottles are here to effortlessly ease the process, allowing you to carry water and your favourite drinks hassle-free on your journeys!

    If you are a wanderlust enthusiast, you will probably know how important it is to remain hydrated to experience successful exploring. You would not want those disturbing headaches and other uninvited ailments to intrude and ruin your trip. So, keeping our travel bottle handy will help you avoid such circumstances and keep you hydrated while you’re travelling.

    At Milton, we pride ourselves on crafting travel bottles from high-quality, food-safe stainless steel, complete with double-walled insulation. Thermosteel bottles are designed to offer exceptional heat retention, keeping your beverages hot or cold as per your preference. The lightweight construction makes them effortlessly portable, making them the perfect companions for your travel adventures. In addition to our Thermosteel range, explore our Unisteel bottle collection for another excellent option. With a simple yet effective design, our bottles feature leak-proof lids that ensure your beverages stay fresh while retaining their desired temperature.

    Whether you are searching for a highly functional bottle or a bottle with greater capacity, Milton’s travel bottles will meet all your requirements. Each of our bottles features attractive designs and comes in a large selection of colours that makes them a stylish addition to your travel bottle collection.

    What is a Travel Bottle?

    Milton’s bottle for travel is a typical water bottle that helps you to dispense your beverages while retaining their temperature. Our travel bottles are usually lightweight and easy to carry for your trips. They are usually made of food-safe material, SS 304 stainless steel and are BPA-free.

    Since they are sufficiently rugged for a backpack, you can easily carry these bottles during your trip. Besides, they are leak-proof and easy to drink from. So, you will not have to worry about your beverage spilling inside your backpack and ruining your belongings. The travel bottles from Milton will ensure that you have a safe and hydrated trip.

    Travel Bottles Range Available on Milton

    Milton hosts a plethora of water bottles for travel that are exquisitely designed to meet the purpose of your travelling needs. Here, we have made a comprehensive listing of the various types of travel bottles available on Milton:

    Easy Grip - Stainless Steel Bottle

    Introducing the Easy Grip Stainless Steel Bottle by Milton – thoughtfully designed for a secure hold, making it your ideal companion for all outdoor adventures. With its ergonomic design, this bottle ensures a firm grip, providing convenience and confidence on the go.

    Key Features:

    500ML & 750ML Capacity: Perfectly sized for your outdoor endeavours, striking a balance between portability and ample hydration.

    Food Grade: Your safety is our priority. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, this bottle ensures that your beverages remain untainted and safe for consumption.

    Rust Proof: Built to withstand the elements, our stainless steel bottle is rust-proof, guaranteeing durability even in challenging outdoor conditions.

    100% Leak Proof: Say goodbye to spills and leaks. The flip-lid covered spout is designed to keep your beverage securely contained, providing a mess-free experience.

    Milton's Easy Grip Stainless Steel Bottle is more than just a container. It's a testament to durability, functionality, and style. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply on the move, make the Easy Grip bottle your trusted partner in every adventure. Choose Milton for a reliable hydration experience that matches your active lifestyle!

    • Thermosteel Atlantis

    Introducing the versatile Thermosteel Atlantis by Milton, available in four vibrant colours: pink, black, blue, and orange. With a convenient 600ml capacity, this travel bottle is perfect for carrying your favourite beverage on the go. The Atlantis is both leak-proof and spill-proof, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

    Milton's Thermosteel Atlantis isn't just stylish, it's functional too. Capable of storing both hot and cold beverages, this thermos bottle efficiently retains the desired temperature for up to 24 hours. Don't miss out on this pocket-friendly and practical solution for your hydration needs. Grab your Thermosteel Atlantis today and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Milton!

    • Thermosteel Astir

    Introducing the remarkable Thermosteel Astir by Milton, a travel bottle with an impressive 750ml capacity, offering more space for your favourite beverages compared to other Milton travel bottles. Available in four vibrant colour variants, blue, orange, purple, and grey, this functional and stylish thermos flask is priced at just Rs. 892.

    The Thermosteel Astir doesn't just provide ample space. It's designed to maintain the temperature of both cold and hot beverages, making it the perfect companion for your travels, longer trips, and treks. With its superior functionality and generous capacity, this travel bottle ensures you stay refreshed on the go. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer – grab your Thermosteel Astir today and elevate your travel experience with Milton!

    • Thermosteel Vertex

    The thermosteel Vertex travelling water bottle is extremely handy as it cannot exceed 500 ml. This means you can easily fit this travel bottle anywhere inside your backpack. It can also keep your beverages hot and cold for up to 24 hours.

    This thermosteel travelling flask comes in four distinctive colour variants: brown, mint-green, silver, and copper. Apart from its cap, an elongated cap also serves as a glass. So you can quickly pour your beverage into this glass and sip it while you travel a lesser-known road.

    You can purchase this high-functional water bottle at an affordable Rs. 708.

    • Astir Vertex

    Last but not least, the Astir Vertex is also a great travelling bottle for longer trips. As the thermosteel flask comes with a capacity of 750 ml, you can easily carry more water or your favourite beverage.

    Since it can keep your beverage hot and cold for up to 24 hours, you can carry it for a trek. This travelling bottle also comes in four colours: mint-green, brown, copper, and silver. And not forgetting to mention, this water bottle comes at a highly pocket-friendly price of Rs. 708 only.

    Buy Travel Water Bottle from Milton Online

    That’s all, folks! You can purchase the best travel water bottle from Milton, as they can seamlessly fit your requirements. So while starting your trip from the city to the subcontinent, having a way to keep yourself hydrated will make your trip successful. We hope these travel bottles from Milton will make your journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

    If you are wondering how to purchase a water bottle for travel, you can easily do so by purchasing it online. All you need to do is navigate through the website of Milton and search for the ideal travel bottle that suits your purpose. While these bottles come in various colour choices, you can choose whatever fits your personality best, you may also visit the nearest retail stores for a hands-on experience and immediate purchase.

    So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab the best deals on travel bottles from Milton today!


    • What is a travel-size bottle available with Milton?

    Milton sells various travel-size bottles that will help you keep yourself hydrated while exploring new destinations. You can seamlessly carry your experiences while keeping them fresh in the thermosteel travel flasks offered by Milton. The sizes of travel bottles you can purchase from Milton are 500 ml, 600 ml, 750 ml, etc.

    • Which is the best type of bottle one must carry on a trip?

    If you are wondering which is the best travel water bottle, we’d suggest you choose an insulated water bottle or flask from Milton. Our bottles are not only lightweight but will help you keep your water or any beverage hot and cold for long hours. So whenever you feel thirsty or nauseous while travelling, you can easily take out your travel bottle and take a few sips.

    • Can a thermosteel bottle keep water hot in cold weather?

    Yes, thermosteel bottles from Milton can easily store hot water and retain the same temperature for long hours in cold weather. It’s because our thermosteel bottles come with a double-walled vacuum-insulated technology that seamlessly keeps all your beverages hot and cold.  Thus a thermosteel bottle from Milton is a great water bottle for travel use.

    • What is the price range of travel bottles?

    Milton's travel bottles are not only highly functional but also incredibly affordable. Explore the range of thermosteel travel-friendly water bottles with prices starting from Rs. 500 onwards. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and cost-effectiveness with Milton's travel bottles.