Food Storage


Food Storage

Food storage solutions like Milton's tiffins, casseroles, jars, and containers are among the most effective ways to store food. Our kitchen storage container set or other products are the best alternatives if you want to store your food items adequately and securely for a long time. Our kitchenware storage products add sophistication, finesse, quality, and uniqueness to your kitchen.

At Milton, you can explore different food storage products, each with unique features and serving different purposes. No matter the purpose, the end goal of each of our kitchen storage sets is to keep your foods safe, hot, and fresh.

Our kitchen storage range offers something for everyone, from containers to store dry fruit products to thermosteel lunch boxes to keep the meal hot till lunchtime. You can always upgrade your kitchen or make the best gifting solution with our range of kitchen storage collections.

Go on and explore our collection of different types of food storage products.

Types of Food Storage Products Available

Explore our range of food storage products to choose the best one for your needs and preference. Here are the various types of food storage products available in our store:

  • Tiffins

    Tiffins or lunch boxes are a necessity in life – whether you need them for office or your kids' school. Our exquisite range of tiffin food storage products will save you the hassle of food leakage. With Milton's range of tiffin food storage solutions, you can easily 'level up' or 'upgrade' your lunchbox game.

    Our tiffins storage products are made of top-class materials like stainless steel to ensure optimal temperature control. Hot meal thermosteel tiffin box can be used to carry hot meals and keep them warm for a longer duration.

  • Casseroles

    Casseroles from Milton is a highly functioning kitchen storage container that everyone must have in their kitchenware collection. Since all our casseroles are insulated containers, you can easily store prepared food in them; this will ensure that it stays fresh, warm, and delicious.

    Our casseroles come with an inner steel and insulated covering to ensure retaining the foods' temperature for a long time. Also, the stainless steel or steel material makes our products easy to clean and sustain. What makes our products even more appealing is the design of each product. Celestial Ultra- Insulated Casserole with Inner Steel is one of the most popular food storage products from Milton. It is made of premium quality stainless steel, and comes with an insulated outer body to retain freshness for long hours.

  • Jugs & Containers

    With Milton's superior quality jugs and containers, storing your food items for ultimate preservation becomes easier.

    Our containers are either made of food grade plastic or steel with a sealed lid that keeps your stored food items fresh for a long time. Our stainless steel tumblers are ideal for storing beverages and water at their original temperature for some time.

    Meanwhile, our airtight plastic containers make it easy to store or carry food items anywhere. Lastly, every Milton container is ergonomic in shape, ensuring a seamless fit into any of your kitchen shelves. Like, a steel clear square container is a great choice for storing fruits, salads, and other snacks. No matter what kitchen storage product you're looking for – Milton has it all.

Buy Food Storage Products from Milton Online

Milton offers a wide range of food storage products that are designed to keep your food fresh and safe. Whether you're looking for containers to store leftovers or meal prepping, Milton has something perfect for all your needs. Plus, with our BPA free materials and eco-friendly packaging, you can trust that your food is being stored safely.

Shop from the convenience of home with Milton's online store or pick up in-store today! Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to storing and preserving your food with Milton's top quality selection of containers. Get the most out of every mealtime with Milton.


1. What are the types of Food Storage products available at Milton?

Milton has various food storage solutions available for the customers' specific needs. Check what types of food storage products we have in our collection:

  • Tiffins: From steel and Softline tiffins to insulated and thermosteel tiffins, we have different varieties of tiffin storage solutions to meet the unique food storage solution requirements for all users. At an affordable price, you can get the most sturdy, durable, light weight, trendy and unique tiffin storage products from us.
  • Casseroles: Whether you need to pack and store your hot parathas or freshly cooked curry, a Milton casserole food storage solution will benefit you. From insulated casseroles to microwaveable ones, we have an exquisite range of food-grade casseroles which keeps food hot for a long time and also increase the appeal of your home décor.
  • Jars & Containers: Our airtight jars and containers are the perfect storage solution for all food products. Not only does a Milton jar or container keep your food fresh, but it also retains its original taste for a long time.

2. What are the different materials of food storage products available at Milton?

Food storage products available on our platform are made of different materials. These materials are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel: This material is highly resistant to corrosion. That's why storing food, liquid, or any chemical on a storage product made of stainless steel is ideal. Plus, a stainless steel food storage product like a casserole is easy and affordable to clean and sustain.
  • Plastic: Jars and containers made of plastic are 100% recyclable & BPA free. All our plastic food storage products can be used for an extended period, and you can clean and reuse them as much as you want. Plus, such a material makes the food storage product more damage-proof.

3. What is the price range of Food storage products available here?

At Milton, you get top-notch quality food storage products at the most reasonable and affordable prices.Irrespective of the product you choose, it will be a worthwhile decision. At Milton, they offer a wide range of food storage products that are known for their exceptional quality. They understand the importance of providing affordable options to their customers while ensuring the value they receive is worth their investment.

Plus, their food storage products are reasonably priced considering the high-quality materials used in their manufacturing process. The price range typically falls between INR 1000 and INR 2000. These prices are determined based on factors such as the product's quality, shape, and size. You can get something durable, safe, and visually appealing at a minimum price of INR 1000 or even less.

4. What are the best-selling products in the Food Storage section?

Some of the best-selling food storage products in the Food Storage section are as follows:

  • Flat Max: With a 2.1 L capacity, these microwave-safe containers are the best option for keeping a range of food products in the fridge. These food storage containers are ergonomic in design and can fit into your kitchen shelves easily. You can organize these containers and store them as per your needs due to their availability in different sizes.
  • Curve Casserole: With a 2.5L capacity, this double-walled, food-grade casserole is one of Milton's best-selling food storage products. The inside is made of insulated stainless steel material, ensuring the food items' freshness and hotness for hours. Moreover, the casserole is Elegantly designed and thoughtfully crafted. Available in different sizes and colors.

5. Where can we buy Milton food storage products at the best price?

The best place to buy Milton food storage products at the most reasonable price is the official website of Milton. Our products are also available on eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Other than the online medium, you can also visit an offline store to purchase the items.